Goods can be shipped in a container
(fcl shipment = full container load)
or in overseas crates
(lcl shipment = less than container load)
FCL Shipment
The standard container sizes:

Container Inside measurements (meter)
(l x w x h)
20 ft container   5,90 x 2,34 x 2,38 33 m³
40 ft container 12,03 x 2,34 x 2,38 67 m³
40 ft container (high cube) 12,03 x 2,34 x 2,59 75 m³

20 ft container on a short chassis

40 ft container on a long chassis

Household goods from a typical furnished three room apartment will usually fit in a 20 ft container.

There is also adequate room for a small or midsize car and about 15 cubic meters of household goods if the space above the car is used by making a rack.

A 20 ft container is economic, however, if it is loaded with about 10 or more cubic meters of household goods.

For volumes up to 10 m³: see below lcl shipment or airfreight

LCL Shipment
We ship in overseas crates up to approximately 10 cubic meters.
The minimum volume is 1 cubic meter.

Our crates are custom-built.
In our opinion liftvans are less suitable because of their standardized measurements.
Furthermore, they are heavy and thus difficult to handle when fully loaded.

overseas crates in our warehouse – ready to go

The costs for lcl shipments depend essentially on the volume.

For smaller consignments, a few cubic meters or less, airfreight can be an appropriate alternative.
Both shipments - lcl and fcl - require special overseas packing.

The following packaging materials are preferably used:
Double folded and laminated bubble paper, furniture pads, corrugated cardboard in all sizes; additionally wardrobes and special boxes for bicycles, chairs, etc.

Small items can be placed in normal removal boxes just as in local moves.
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